How To Get Whatever You Want? – Earl Inniss

How To Get Whatever You Want?

How To Get Whatever You Want

So you want to know how to get whatever you want…

The answer might surprise because it is quite simple.

In fact, a Bible phrase just about sums it up –

here’s what it says, “ASK!”

What’s more staggering, is that the verse went on to say,

“it shall be given unto you!”.   You might want to look into that!

This implies that receiving is automatic, therefore, failure to ask could well be one of your problems – I don’t know for sure but “I am just saying” 🙂

So, how do you ask?   According to one of the great business philosophers of our time, there are two ways to ask:

1.  Ask intelligently…

– Be specific:  How much?  How high? When?

2.  Ask with faith…

Ask believing that you will receive. To assist with that, practice the following:

– Plan like an adult!

– Believe like a child!

“Adults are too skeptical” – Jim Rohn

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