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How To Do Word of Mouth Advertising Online?

Referral Automation is the new way word of mouth advertising is done online…period!

Word of Mouth Advertising

Did you know that the best form of advertisement is still “word of mouth”? Put another way, the best form of advertising is that of referrals or recommendations by friends and family.  In fact, a whopping 92% of consumers believe their friends and family over all forms of advertising as reported by Nielsen.

What makes word of mouth advertising so appealing is that people perform this task naturally.  As a homebased professional, you should also take note but more importantly take massive actions to master what has been identified as the most valuable form of advertising.

Instead of sitting back, and hoping that conversations about your brand occur organically, you need to take drastic measures to understand online word of mouth advertising. Do what I have done and unleash the power of automated referral marketing in your favor.

What’s the big deal about word of mouth advertising?

According to this article I’ve read, “you need to focus on the three E’s:  Engage, Equip, Empower”.

With the technological advancement of our current day, this can be easily implemented.  The only question is, “why haven’t you implemented this in your business?”.

I’ve taken massive action by utilizing this 21st Century Marketing Tool.  And, in the video below, I show you how I’ve implemented this into my business in an effort to automate the entire process.

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