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Showcase: Island Style with Joan John

Not to long ago, during the Summer of 2018, I made two trips from my adopted home, here in the United States, back to the country of my birth, St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

In fact, I visited two countries on my first trip - they were as follows:  (1) Barbados (to attend a wedding as Best Man and give a speech) and (2) St. Vincent and The Grenadines (SVG) to relax and enjoy our vacation, and also gave a speech - my first commencement address.

On my second trip, I also visited two countries:  SVG (to attend my uncle's funeral and deliver the eulogy:  May his soul continue to rest in peace).  I also visited Trinidad and Tobago (TNT); stayed mainly at the international airport (in-transit area) as I was awaiting my connection flight to New York.

It would be remiss of me if I did not go and visit one of my newest VIP client of my online marketing and mentoring program, Joan John at her place of business, "Island Style" at the cruise ship terminal in SVG.

Having visited her store for the second time this Summer, I felt compel to showcase her store.

Island Style features souvenirs, swimwear, jewelry and of course Summer wear, for the visiting traveler, made island style by none other than by Joan herself.

Given the location of the store, it is primarily targeting visitors to our shores (to the shores of SVG), but whether you are arriving by sea or by air, I strongly recommend that you check it out, and please give my regards to Joan. 

Speaking of Joan, you'll find that she's a gentle spirit, with tremendous work ethics and very professional.  I am delighted to do business with her and I know you will too.  

To learn more about her, visit: or Click Here.

As I close, I am reminded of this quote, "Your future is created by what you do today".

Are you engaging in activities today that will have a profound positive impact on your better future (especially with regards to your business and/or generating another stream of income from the comfort of your home)? 

Are you forging the right business relationships?  If not, perhaps I can be of assistance click here to learn more (on behalf of Joan John).

Earl Inniss

Consultant - Assisting you with Building the Home Business of Your Dreams via Online Marketing, Training and IT Support.

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