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The Shocking Truth About Duplication

The shocking truth about being duplicatable…

The Shocking Truth About Duplication

Did you know that people are not duplicable? You are probably saying that’s not true because you’ve seen time and time again home based business professionals walking across the stage at your business opportunity conventions who have been successful, therefore, they must be duplicable to have such a great following.  Not really!

What makes those folks successful are there beliefs in themselves and the mental aptitude or mental state that they have derived.   I know because early in my homebased business career, I recalled my failed attempt at emulating a top earner of my primary program at the time.

Apparently, I was utilizing his script but I wasn’t striking the right tonality that is developed as a result of practice and belief in self.   As a result, I learned early and quickly that people are not duplicable; systems are.

That said however, people are the key to making a system duplicable – this separates a good system from a mediocre system.

So you might be asking yourself how is it then that people are not duplicable but they are the key to making a system great?

That’s a great question because when it comes to having a great system, you often hear these terms that are not necessarily related to being human:  Duplicate, Replicate, and Systematize.

Here’s the shocking truth…

Well, a key ingredient is missing and that is support.

You see, if I had that top earner in my line of sponsorship and he was providing mentorship in the form of training, coaching and feedback, then that would had helped me. This will with the “how-to” or step by step instructions on how to accomplished various marketing tasks.

And, as I associate with this leader through mentorship, I am able to gain confidence in the training process.  As I generate the desired results my belief in myself would increase.  This is further enhanced as I associate with other leaders via books, audios, videos and live events.  In so doing, my beliefs in myself would skyrocket into my own greatness.

Therefore, although people themselves are not duplicable because we are all unique.   We are certainly the key to making any system great through mentorship and support.

The shocking truth is that I realized early in my home business career that I had to eradicate my limiting beliefs and become that mentor I wish I had in the beginning.

As a result, I created my own duplicable system.  Initially, this was created for my team within my primary program, but I had an “ah ha” moment.  And I realized that I could be helping others in other programs as well.

In the video below, I speak a little about this system and how it can benefit you with duplication in your business.

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To Your Success,

Earl R. Inniss

Founder: OLT Online System

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