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Review: Heroes Sports Bar And Restaurant

Heroes Sports Bar And Restaurant

Have you ever made a promise to someone only to fall short of that promise?

Well, that where it all started for me...

As you may or may not know, I recently visited two islands within the Caribbean where my family and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

The islands visited were:  (1) Barbados (to attend a wedding as Best Man and give a speech) and (2) St. Vincent and The Grenadines ([SVG] the country of my birth - to relax and enjoy our vacation).

Prior to visiting these two countries, I made a promise to return with two delicacies to a very important client of the consulting company I represent.

Just before returning, and immediately after purchasing these two delicacies (i.e. Roties) from the country of my birth (SVG), I ate one as I was hungry and meant to purchase another one, but when I went back to the restaurant, they didn't have anymore of the Roties I desired.

Therefore, upon returning from my Caribbean vacation, I was forced to inform that very important client that I only had one, and not two of the promised goodies.

​Shortly thereafter, I received word that the closest of all of my uncles passed away.

As a result of this sad news, I was certain that I'll returned to SVG to pay my last respects.

And, moreover, get a second chance to deliver on my initial promise of two Roties for this very important what did I do?  I made the promise again.  As Paul Keen Douglas would say in his "Tanty Merle" story telling series, "Well, who tell me to do that?" .

In all the sadness (surrounding the passing of my uncle), I almost forgot to get the Roties.  I remembered during the last day of my second visit to my homeland, SVG.  Rather than going to the city, and purchasing these delicacies as there weren't any at the airport in St. Vincent, my sister suggested that I purchase the Roties in Trinidad and Tobago (TNT).

Recognizing that we had a scheduled three-hour in-transit delay before completing our journey to JFK, New York, I concurred that was a great idea...besides, I've never eaten a Rotie from TNT, and I heard that they were pretty good.  In fact, the last time I passed through Trinidad (some couple years ago), it was my intention to get one but time did not permit, I had but minutes to catch my connecting flight to Miami at that time.

​Getting back to the main story, the first thing that I noticed, however, there was no Rotie restaurant within the airport waiting/in-transit area.

And, having asked around, I found out that the restaurants that sell such delicacies were outside of this terminal area.

​Someone told me that I needed to check with airport security to see if they will allow me to temporarily exit the in-transit area to get the goodies.

Having checked with Security, they informed me that in an effort to keep everyone safe, it is not the policy of the airport to allow passengers to exit this terminal area.

After verifying this with the airlines and other airport officials, I found this to be true.  And, that's when I realized that unlike my prior visit ( where I returned with one Roti), I was about to do worst and return with zero.

​So, there I was...

Having had a second chance to make a first impression (i.e. the opportunity to deliver two Roties for this very important client), I was about to mess things up by not delivering any goodies at all, and although I couldn't see myself returning to the U.S. with this option...that's where I was, and I needed to face that reality.

Feeling exhausted and hungry at that moment, it was time to grab a bite...time to get some lunch, and having heard from my cousins that they've found a good place, "Heroes Sports Bar and Restaurant", I decided to have lunch there as well.

And, that's where the true life heroes sprang into action:  Camaro (Manager) and Patrick (Executive Chef).  Upon ordering lunch for my sister and myself, I informed Camaro of  my predicament, and I could see that she was willing to assists as she checked her roster to see who might be on there way into work.  As that effort was futile, for whatever reason, I found myself speaking to the Executive Chef few minutes later.  

Patrick informed me that although Roties are sold outside of the waiting/in-transit area, he suspected that all of the delicacies would had been gone by that time of day and as a result, he informed me that he could get the Roti Skins ordered and he will make the Roties for me.   

Executive Chef, Patrick, made four Roties for me which allowed me to return to the U.S. with two for my important client and two for my family members who did not make this second trip of the Summer (to the Islands) with me.

I'll be forever grateful for these two real life heroes who work at Heroes Sports Bar And Restaurant within the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and Tobago.

Not only did I receive exemplary customer service at this restaurant as depicted above, but the ambiance was also warm and welcoming.   And, as for the food, it was great:  My sister had a hamburger and a soft drink, while I had a fish sandwich (Salmon) with a smoothie (prepared by non other than the now famous), Camaro, Manager of Heroes Sports Bar and Restaurant.

Thank you Camaro and Patrick - You Rock!

The above act of kindness reminds me of this quote, "Helping one person may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person".

If you are like me and have a home business and would like to assist others or if you, yourself needs some assistance, I might be able to assist you, to learn more click here!

Earl Inniss

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