Residual Income Streams – Fact or Fiction? – Earl Inniss

Residual Income Streams – Fact or Fiction?

Residual Income Streams – Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

Residual Income Streams

Are you looking for a way to create any amount of residual income streams to help ease the monetary strains in your life and potentially become well-off in the process?

Quick affiliate marketing test…

See how you score. Here are two real world affiliate marketing success techniques.  Do you know which is more profitable in the long run?

In the first scenario, it takes one hundred clicks to make a sale. Every sale pays $100 in commissions. The refund rate is a low 5%.  At $.80 per click, what’s going to be the return on your initial $100 investment?

In the second scenario, it also takes 100 clicks to make a sale. Every sale offers $100 commission but also gives a once per month residual commission of $10. As shown, there is a 5% refund rate and the average length of the subscription is four months. Now, if you pay $.80 per click as in the first example, how much will you make now for your $100 investment?

The answer to the first example is as follows:  It costs you $80 to make one sale, so that means you made $20 but you should take off 5% for the repayments, leaving you with $19 net profit. $19 is a rather good ROI.

In the second example, however, you will still receive $19 in commissions for that preliminary sale, but you also receive $40 for those four monthly sales. So if you add the $19 to the $40 then you have $59 which results in a $59 ROI; a much more desirable outcome!

Residual Income Streams – Fiction? I Think Not…

Residual Income Makes An Enormous Difference!

Pay close attention to any Super Affiliate’s marketing model and you will quickly discover the single most successful programs are those that offer a residual income component.  Many of them, will provide you with the ability to generate one-off commissions, in addition to generating a residual income.

Take for example, the OLT Online System, in addition to offering you the ability to generate monthly and yearly residual incomes (i.e. to help you build your home business), you also receive one-off commissions for lifetime system memberships and other 21st Century Marketing tools.

Super Affiliate programs will often concentrate on promoting products which will seem to only pay a one-off commission, but in reality turns out to pay major amounts in monthly residual incomes. What you can learn from this exercise is that if an affiliate marketing product does have an ongoing opportunity to earn additional incomes, you must go for it. Does that not make sense? It’s the biggest difference between an awesome $59 ROI or a much less galvanizing $19.

Multiply Your Income by letting them Flow into  Residual Income Streams!

The Nile Stream is the longest stream in the world.

You can see it and it’s two main tributaries from space. It’s that enormous. What you cannot see is the Nile is really fed by THOUSANDS of individual streams and tributaries.

Thousands in fact…

A large amount of little streams merging to make one massive, world-record-breaking river.

Look at your affiliate marketing efforts in the same way. By creating multiple streams of income, you are making a stream of wealth. You should begin by promoting a number of different products that have the benefit of making reoccurring streams of income. Stick to those and nothing else.

Eventually, you would be able to sit back and enjoy your residual streams of income. Imagine starting each month with an increasing amount of money in the bank (i.e. without doing a thing)! Isn’t that the ideal scenario?

You are never really starting over or beginning from zero and hoping beyond hope that you will sell something this month.  To learn more, be sure to check out the video below…

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