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Referral Marketing Automation

Referral Marketing Automation for your home business is a must in today's fast paced online marketing playing field.

Are you currently experiencing some challenges within your home business?  Do you feel a bit overwhelm? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you are not alone.

In fact, that's how I felt when I first got into the home base business arena.

What's even more frustrating is that of being mislead by folks who over promise that they'll be there for you and assist you with building your business and once you join them, they are off to the races, looking for the next "victim".  Have that ever happened to you?

Well, it has happened to me (not once but twice) by folks who informed me that if I get their sales tool then they'll be more than happy to assist me with building my business, but nothing was furthest from the truth;  before long, these guys were pleading with me to quit my business so I can assist them with building their businesses.

Having witnessed, first hand, how challenging it was to build a home base business (especially if you have a full-time job), and recognizing that I have a Software Development background, I set out to create my own system.

Furthermore, I embarked on this journey (i.e. of system creation) as I also observed that few people were having tremendous success, therefore, I knew it was possible for me to have success too.  And, moreover, assist others into achieving success as well.

As I set out to put my marketing skills and technical experience to work, I ensured that the system I develop would be affordable, professional and user friendly (i.e. for both the new home business owner and the seasoned home based business professional alike).

I did not stop there, however:  I studied the industry and discovered what's working well, what's not working so well and I also discovered where there might be some deficiencies and some innovation opportunities.

The result:  The OLT Online System.  

A system that leverages other systems.  It integrates with your business or businesses, and it helps you to grow your business by generating TLC (i.e. Traffic, Leads, and Cash) by attracting your target market with 21st Century Marketing Tools, Training and Incentives.

At the core of this system:  Automation, Duplication and Differentiation.


Home Business Automation:  Get your prospects to initiate contact instead of you contacting them initially. 

Referral Automation:  Leverage and empower your leads and prospects to assist you in generating additional leads and prospects.


Earl Inniss

Consultant - Assisting you with Building the Home Business of Your Dreams via Online Marketing, Training and IT Support.

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