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Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring Review

The most practiced techniques of generating leads for your business used to be via meetings in expensive hotel meeting facilities. Badgering acquaintances, friends, and family with invitations to attend the aforementioned or to a home meeting/party used to be the order of the day. And...finally, disturbing folks at dinner time via the telephone was the dreaded cold-calling experience of that time in history.

Thankfully, things have changed:   This successful approach to marketing is called Attraction Selling, and it is one of the most prosperous techniques of generating leads via a process called Magnetic Sponsoring.

From a Multi Level Marketing perspective, the aforementioned approached is a game changer; here's why:  You become the hunted not the hunter. You are now in a position where people come to you  - what a concept?  Furthermore you attract hottest and most qualified prospects; not just any body.

Many individuals have gone from broke to a six-figure income in less than a year with Magnetic Sponsoring and the best part is, you can learn how to do the same, whether you are brand spanking new to network marketing or MLM, or you are an experienced pro.

Here are a few pointers to set you on the right track if you are considering getting into a network marketing or direct sales company, and you would like to utilize Magnectic Sponsoring techniques:

1. Select the right MLM company.  The right company would be one that supports cutting edge concepts such as Magnetic Sponsoring via online/internet marketing, and emerging technologies.  If they don't, you'll have a difficult time building a massive downline.

2. Is the flaghip product desirable, high quality and evergreen? Is it just a five-minute wonder that will be out dated in a year?

3. Will you be proud to sell it? Can it be simply bought at any store for less? In this economy no one is going to buy something that's bad quality and cough up more for it than they could at a neighborhood store!

4. Is the business opportunity cost effective; that is, is there a relatively small buy-in costs as this is vital in today's economy.   While folks are looking to make a fortune on the side (i.e. in addition to their job), they don't want to and cannot affort to pay a small fortune to get involved.  High buy-in costs lead to down-line or sales team demise, therefore the intial cost has to be reasonable - $200 appears to be the average these days.

5. One of the most essential elements of Magnetic Sponsoring is that of branding you and not you MLM company.  Of course, you'll need to get a domain,  create a website some funded proposal products and services that you can immediately offer to your target market as lead magnets - these products and or services need to be relatively inexpensive.  In so doing, you can expose your prospects to your primary program on the back-end.  

6.  It's also essential that you optimize your new branding site so you can drive traffic of qualified prospects.

7. You also require a system, and in this example that means a software program that "runs" your business. In MLM you will need an integrated program, that includes auto-responders, lead squeeze or capture pages and also contact management software to name a few.

Building a Network or multi-level marketing business takes time and effort. However, with an efficient system (one that allows for Magnetic Sponsoring), and with plenty of zeal and hard work, anyone that is determined can succeed.  To check out such a system, CLICK HERE!

Additionally, if you are looking to take your business to the next level faster by incorporating referral automation, true duplication and differentiation from your competitors, then you'll want to click here as well to get instant access to the OLT or One Large Team system.

The above concepts with regards to magnetic sponsoring were detailed in the book, "Magnetic Sponsoring" by Mike Dillard - a literary piece that details the importance of the funded proposal in building your direct sales or network marketing sales team.

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