Why You Want Differentiation Marketing in Your Business? – Earl Inniss

Why You Want Differentiation Marketing in Your Business?

Differentiation Marketing Can Boost Your Home Business:  Would you agree?

Differentiation Marketing

I once heard a prominent and successful business man said, “Education is the new money”.   This means to me that whatever you want to achieve in life, it’s important that you educate yourself in every aspect of the endeavor.

By focusing and studying all aspects of your market place, you become the best you… that you can possibly be.   Often times, you become a beacon of light in your quest to being the best you, and this is a great place to be as you are able to enrich other people’s lives (i.e. family, customers, business partners, and your community as a whole).

Why is it that some people excel faster than others? Is it because they’ve spent years and years perfecting their craft?  Nope, I think not!  It is primarily because they are able to identify trends, and get in front of those trends so that when the wave of opportunity hits, it propels them to greatness.

Differentiation Marketing…

These folks have learned to study, and develop the necessary skills needed to apply the knowledge gained and in so doing, they have differentiated themselves.

The same is true within the home based business space, whether you are in Direct Sales Marketing, Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing, you are currently in front of the biggest trends of all times:  Information and Technology.  Information is everywhere and technology is changing at a rapid pace.

And, those that seize upon these trends by executing or applying the knowledge gained through self-development and sales team-development and execution, gain an edge on their competitors.

Regardless to whether the technology changes, when you develop the right mind-set, the right belief system, it sets you apart and that keeps you strong while you are in the moment executing your business:  “Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Life, Control Your Input – Increase Your Output”.  This results in marketing differentiation or differentiation marketing.

Why Differentiation Marketing Can Help You to Generate More Leads

I recalled being in the moment, executing my home business by calling my Leads and I left a message for a potential Prospect (from a paid list) but when he returned my call, he wasn’t to please – in fact, he threatened legal action.

At an instant, I was temporarily knocked out of “my game”…my posture.  And for a moment, I wanted to go into a quiet corner, suck my finger and eat some comfort foods but I soon realized that I had a scheduled webinar and folks had already registered to attend.  Moreover I reflected on a poem I use for my anchor and I said to myself that “I was not meant for failure here”, and somehow I managed to get on that webinar.   You may check out the video below to hear the poem I used as my anchor and continues to use today because in business and often times in life, you will be knocked down or knocked out of the game but it’s how fast you get back up that counts.

In “my great demonstration”, I refused to let that encounter or that moment stopped or defined me.  In fact, I made two high ticket sales on that webinar.  Moreover, however, I gained the strength and courage to do some research by checking out my Paid Leads list to see why this person who did not have a home based business was on my list.  It turned out that the number I called had a different name assigned to it; indicating that I called an incorrect number.  I was happy that I had found my defense but I never heard back from that Lead.

This demonstrates that when you take the time to develop your belief system in your market place, company, products, services, and most importantly yourself, you differentiate and you become unstoppable in achieving your greatness.   Furthermore, you can become so attractive in your marketplace that you may not even need to cold call a single Lead for your business again as your leads will be contacting you.  In so doing, you would have arrived at the pinicale of differentiation marketing.

Here’s the video I promised above that has the poem that I use as an anchor whenever I get “knocked down” in business, and often times in life as a whole.  You are welcome to use it as your anchor as well:


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