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My First Commencement Address

Commence Address

Earlier this Summer (the Summer of 2018 for folks reading this blog post beyond the year 2018), there I was panning my vacation around my friend, Andy's wedding who has been scheduled to get married in Christchurch, Barbados.   

I recalled glancing on my FaceBook Timeline and checking out exotic sceneries from the country of my birth, St. Vincent and The Grenadines; a huge name for a tiny country within the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean.

One such scenery, that caught my attention, was that of an event of a catering and decor business owned by one of my childhood friends, Mrs. Evadney Bibby of E's Catering & Decor.

I reached out to her and was pleased to have learned that she had a planned graduation commencement of the training component of her catering business which coincided with my being on the island.  "How cool is that?", I was thinking at the time:  This would be perfect as my wife and I would had already attended the wedding (i.e. in Barbados as I eluded to earlier; where I would had given the Best Man speech, and be back in SVG, the home country, and where we planned to spend the larger share of our vacation).

One of the challenges of being an immigrant away from home, is the occasional longing to see, feel and taste that which you've left behind.  And, at that particular moment in time, the emphasis was on taste... 🙂 

Somehow, I agreed to be the the keynote speaker at this commencement, recognizing that this was a small price to pay for being able to sample any and/or all of the goodies.

Mrs.  Bibby informed me of the theme of the event, "Determination - A Key To Your Success".  Immediately, I had an idea of how I'll end the speech, given the theme but the speech itself was not written until I was back in the island.  She also indicated that I was allotted  ten minutes for the speech.

On Friday, June 29th, realizing that the time was fast approaching (i.e. July 1st), I spent a portion of that evening devoted to writing the speech. 

Click Here for Speech or check out the video below.  

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my first commencement address, as well as the poem I recited.  Most importantly, however, see if you can find the Wealth Formula.   Hint-hint...clue-clue:  Both John F Kennedy's famous speech and Zig Zigler's famous quote have similar connotations. 

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