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Is Your Marketing Funnel Serving You?

Your Marketing Funnel

Is your marketing sales funnel serving you? If not, perhaps you might be missing some key components.Here are the those key components:Top of Funnel (TOFU) – This funnel stage represents people’s first encounter with your brand. They’re simply looking for information.  Therefore, your goal is to create awareness of your product, service and/or your brand. […]

Article Marketing Robot Review

Article Marketing Robot Review

Article Marketing Robot a Deeper Look If you are a marketing professional or a business owner, it is of paramount importance that you advertise your business on the internet as you may well know by now the significance of this, and the ease by which you can generate high quality traffic via online resources. Please be aware […]

Who Else Wants A Good Lead Generation Process?

Looking for a good lead generation process? Here’s what you need to know. Leads are the name of the game for building any kind of business both offline and online so having a good lead generation process is critical to the success of your business. A good system allows you to identify, qualify and systematically sort […]

Who Else Wants Article Marketing Service for Backlinks?

Automated Article Marketing Service with Backlinks is the Key! Looking for an article marketing service?  Do you realize that automated mass distribution of articles with backlinks makes all the difference? If you’re thinking about driving a lot more targeted traffic to your site or blog, article marketing service is the way to go. First and foremost, you’ll save […]

How To Do Word of Mouth Advertising Online?

Referral Automation is the new way word of mouth advertising is done online…period! Did you know that the best form of advertisement is still “word of mouth”? Put another way, the best form of advertising is that of referrals or recommendations by friends and family.  In fact, a whopping 92% of consumers believe their friends […]