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Is Your Marketing Funnel Serving You?

Your Marketing Funnel

Is your marketing sales funnel serving you? If not, perhaps you might be missing some key components.Here are the those key components:Top of Funnel (TOFU) – This funnel stage represents people’s first encounter with your brand. They’re simply looking for information.  Therefore, your goal is to create awareness of your product, service and/or your brand. […]

Advertising Network Marketing

Advertise Network Marketing

The easy way to go about Advertising Network Marketing EffectivelyAdvertising is important after you get into the world of network marketing. If you have not already started to consider building yourself a website then you really should. By adding great articles and content to your blog or site, you have one of the most effective […]

How To Get Whatever You Want?

How To Get Whatever You Want

So you want to know how to get whatever you want… The answer might surprise because it is quite simple. In fact, a Bible phrase just about sums it up – here’s what it says, “ASK!” What’s more staggering, is that the verse went on to say, “it shall be given unto you!”.   You might […]

Showcase: Island Style with Joan John

Not to long ago, during the Summer of 2018, I made two trips from my adopted home, here in the United States, back to the country of my birth, St. Vincent and The Grenadines.In fact, I visited two countries on my first trip – they were as follows:  (1) Barbados (to attend a wedding as […]

Review: Heroes Sports Bar And Restaurant

Heroes Sports Bar And Restaurant

Have you ever made a promise to someone only to fall short of that promise?Well, that where it all started for me…As you may or may not know, I recently visited two islands within the Caribbean where my family and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.The islands visited were:  (1) Barbados (to attend a wedding […]

Eulogy: Paul Rodney

Eulogy: Paul Rodney

Hello, everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Earl Inniss, Paul Rodney’s nephew (and Paul’s sister, Florence Inniss’ son).Paul Christopher Rodney was born on March 6th, 1937 to parents Albert Rodney and Viola Samuel Rodney.He attended Barrouallie Anglican School. After school, Paul became a Laborer, where he developed a keen […]

Eulogy: Kenneth Joseph

Eulogy: Kenneth Joseph

​For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Earl Inniss, a very good friend of Ken, and a fellow, former soldier of the St. Vincent Cadet Force.Kenneth Percival Joseph was born October 25th, 1964 of parents, George Durrant and Vida Joseph, both now deceased.He was affectionately known as, “Ken” to many and […]

My First Commencement Address

Commence Address

Earlier this Summer (the Summer of 2018 for folks reading this blog post beyond the year 2018), there I was panning my vacation around my friend, Andy’s wedding who has been scheduled to get married in Christchurch, Barbados.   I recalled glancing on my FaceBook Timeline and checking out exotic sceneries from the country of my […]

Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring Review The most practiced techniques of generating leads for your business used to be via meetings in expensive hotel meeting facilities. Badgering acquaintances, friends, and family with invitations to attend the aforementioned or to a home meeting/party used to be the order of the day. And…finally, disturbing folks at dinner time via the telephone […]

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